Sunday, 1 February 2009

Justin and Gizmo gone, sob

Half Acre Farm is just that, half an acre, Justin and Gizmo have now moved on to a two acre piece of land with a lake and trees. Up till today we had four goats, Justin, Gizmo and there two kids George and Charlie, the problem we had was three males and one female, Charlie and George were showing a unhealthy attitude to there mother and Justin was having to fight them off, it was decided that as George and Charlie were raised here and I helped Gizmo deliver and feed them that they would stay and as Justin and Gizmo have always been together, they should go to a new home as a couple, I'm a bit soft with my animals thats why so many bought for the pot avoid the chop, and I was very upset that Justin and Gizmo have had to go, but trying to live the type of life I am trying to live means making these desisions, and this though very upsetting, is the right desision for us and for the goats. Bye Justin and Gizmo, I will miss you.

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Crocmaman said...

they were nice and beautiful ! but they will be happy with a lac and a bigger land for them.