Wednesday, 18 February 2009

France, What you wont find in the guide books. 2

Urinating. Its a man's right to piddle wherever he likes as long as he has his back to the road. In the olden days the men had the Pissoir. Sometimes just a length of guttering hidden behind a mettle sheet, in the main towns though they would heve these;
But times have moved on and those old erections have been replaced by more modern facility's;

Why cant they just wait like we women have to, driving home and the need to "go" the man pulls over finds a tree and lets go, meanwhile we sit crossed legged wishing he would hurry up. Even worse, imagine walking past the pissoir only to be greeted by a neighbour, shake hands, kiss, I feel sick, pretend you haven't seen them and move on, quickly. But why, you ask don't you use the "ladies", I must take some photographs, to go into the cubical guess what you have to walk past? Yes, the line of men using the urinals just outside the ladies door. Some times you don't know which way to look.

Anyone remember these, what evil, tortured mind thought this was a good idea? And they still exist.

Yet this is the country to invent these. The pay as you go musical toilet, well maybe it was the Japanese.

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VIOLAINE said...

Paul i am french and never i have seen that horrible type of toilette lol ... Maybe years ago , but we don't have them anymore ...
But good post !