Monday, 9 February 2009

Update on the wind

Just sat down with a glass of wine, ready for Emmerdale, suddenly a bang out side and the dogs went mad, I grabbed my coat and rushed outside, worried my animals had got hurt, as it was it was a patio chair that had blown against the shutter, Paul explained that he would have helped but he had a knot in his shoe lace, but he took some photographs.

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Gordon Chapman said...

Roz I think you deserve a medal for braving the elements, tomorrow, if the rain, snow, wind and blizzards allow me to get out of the house, I shall inform everyone I meet that I am proud to say that I am related to you by marriage. The authorities should name the area where you live Roz's Village. Should I have reason to send yoyu a letter I will send to Roz Village Sixt sur Aff!
The ice cream on my pudding is melting we will talk tomorrow, bye.