Monday, 11 March 2013

My dispute with my neighbour

I started to write about the problems I have with our neighbour Olaf, but it was just a long story that really wasn't really worth going over again, but involved Olaf breaking the fence between our lands and Paul putting up a new one.
  Last April I caught Olaf cutting the new fence, I put my hand on the fence and he hit me across the hand with a pair of wire cutters. I thought he had broken it and had to go to hospital I was in so much pain.
 I reported him to the police and then he started a period of intimidation in an effort to stop me taking him to court,  He made threats, usually throat cutting actions or just staring at me, hes a pervert, likes to film and photograph me. I have an I pad and have an app for taking 380 degree photographs, Paul was in the garden taking a pic of the garden,standing by the oak tree in the middle, Olaf didnt realise Paul was there and started to film me. As Paul says his face when he realised Paul was there "priceless".
If were eating or drinking in the garden he will do this, but since he was caught we havent seen him do it again.
In August  his brother in law walked up to our fence, towards the dogs and put his hand through the fence, then said a dog bit him, a lie, he said to the police in October, three months after the incident that he put his hand over the fence to shake Pauls hand, this is a 1.2m fence, how high can a Jack Russel jump?  He then went and sat down and had dinner and drinks, if he had been bitten he should have done something then, but didnt do nothing till October. He and Olaf said they wouldnt press charges as long as I dropped the assault charge against Olaf, I said no. The case finally  went to a pre tribunal, where they try the case without the cost and time of a proper court, it can only work if an agreement can be reached which it was, he admitted he had hit me said he was sorry and agreed to pay compensation, as far as I was concerned that was the end of it, however because of his brother in laws actions who knows.

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