Monday, 11 March 2013

Packing up smoking

Paul's packed up, we was out shopping just before Christmas and saw an electronic cigarette, it cost just under a tenner and a pack of refills about €8, he tried it and found he preferred them to real cigarettes, just after Christmas he bought himself a proper kit, and buys liquids on line, by shopping around he has found some great deals, he says if you smoke you really should try it.

So here's Paul's tips with links.

The E cigarette
 Buy from E Cig Factory
Everything you need to get started (without liquid) €29.99
Worth buying from the same site are these tanks.
Theres different ways of using the liquids, either in a cartomiser (which come with the kit) basically the liquid is soaked up in a slim tube with a gauze inside or a tank such as these above.

E Liquids

Hes buying his liquids at E Cigarette web
Usually sold in 10ml bottles, though you can buy different sizes, a bottle is equivalent to about 10 packs of cigarettes, cost €2.95, liquids come in various strengths of nicotine, including 0 mg, and loads of different flavours, Paul likes Caramel

Hes going to try this site soon, buying in America, prices start from 75cents for 10ml, but then you add more for flavour, strength, etc, Pauls caramel would cost €1.40 from here and even with postage seems a good deal.

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