Thursday, 26 March 2009

An attack of the James's

James is our Gander, normally very friendly to me, chats for ages with Paul and attacks anyone, or even anything new that comes into the garden. He's finally realised who keeps nicking the eggs, me. Where as before he was always happy to see me in the mornings now he's not so keen. Once hes out of his run he's fine, but opening the gate, I need to go in prepared. My weapons are a broom, an old witches type broom and a plastic tray. Paul's reminded me I've mentioned this before, but I will leave this as this is an update on that. The broom got stuck while fending James off, I got it stuck in the gate. I had to run, can't remember the last time I did that. I then realised I wasn't being followed, James wouldn't go past the broom, so I had to go back and retrieve it, James was not a happy Goose, I grabbed the broom and fled, he made such a racket. Today I tried a crafty move, the run is behind a shed, the gate one side and a fence the other, i stood on the fence side and James came round to face me. I then put my thumb up to my nose, wiggled my fingers and stuck my tounge out, then ran, opening the gate as i passed. Roz 1 - James 0, for today.
The ducks have already found a nes escape route from there field, a hole in the fence, not a real problem except they still think Paul's shed is there home, it takes ages to get them back into there own area, they can't be "driven" like geese, they just race around all over the place, I spent 20 minutes in my jimmy jams chasing them back, hope the neighbours weren't watching, I had to open the gate before i chased the ducks towards it, the goats got out.
Animal planet, discovery channel, you know the film of birds hitching a ride on another animals back, picking at the titbits living in the fur, our baby chicks are doing the same with our goats, but not when I have a camera, well once I had, but then realised no battery's, ran back to the house got the battery's, ran back down then realised I forgot the SIM card, by the time I got that, the show was over. As soon as I get a pic I will post.

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