Sunday, 1 March 2009

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday, 28th of Feb, after spending the morning trimming a hedge and removing a bramble jungle, we sat in the sun eating lunch, neighbours came round and we had a few bottles of wine till the sun went round the house and put us in the shade. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night, at 2am we had a loose/lost hunt dog in the garden, our dogs were going mad, like most he was a soft friendly thing, and decided that my efforts to get him to leave was a game, he went through the gate when it was opened for him and then jumped back over when it was closed, Paul started taking him for a walk, every so often he would go off in search of something Paul would turn round and walk home, when he walked through the gate the dog seemed so pleased to see him return safe and sound. Eventually he decided to leave, obviously bored with this repetitive game. Sleep was soon disturbed with the arrival of Alan Deprey, Alan has done some work for us in the past, Paul had purchased a pig ark from a local farm but had no way of transporting it to Half Acre, spotting Alan working on a house near by Paul asked if he could borrow Alan's big trailer, of course he could, no problem, something got lost in the translation and Alan turned up at 7am ready to start work, there's no way this was possible, 7am is a little early to be waking people up on a Sunday morning to load a pig ark onto a trailer and there was no way two people would be able to do the job, Paul had arranged for Mike and Dan with Violaine and Veronique to come for lunch, with instructions to arrive early and help load the ark. Alan wasn't to upset about this and after coffee (no Pastis, that's a first) left leaving the trailer for us to use, Paul gave up on bed after that and went to let the animals out of the pens. It was a bit overcast today, shame after yesterday sunshine, but we had an enjoyable lunch aperitifs, Roast Pork and vegetables, and something the French don't have, roast potatoes with a meal, Cheese, bread and salad followed by fruit of the forest crumble with custard, the French find eating Crème Anglais hot very strange, and neither of the girls had tried a crumble before, but they enjoyed it (I think).

The pig arks in the garden awaiting doors.It needs a bit of work doing to it, its in the middle of what will be the pig run, the land divided up 50 - 50 with line running from the centre of the ark, we can then allow the pig to move to fresh land every couple of weeks just by opening a different door.

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Val Grainger said...

I would make that arc just a bit more robust......