Sunday, 22 March 2009

Changes at the shanty town

The life we live at Half Acre Farm is our road to River Cottage, Most of the material we use in our animal area is recycled, then recycled again and again, this weekend has been no exception. We decided to rearrange the land ready for those lazy summer evenings, sitting with friends drinking wine and chatting, so we needed to try to make the animal enclosures more secure, looking back over this blog you will find photographs of the animals coming up to the front door, we need to stop this. We also need to think about the Christening of baby Kenzo who arrives in the world late May, we need a place to site the marque for the party, in france its an all day event, so we must make sure the goats don't eat the marque.

So we needed to move the fences and change the chicken layout, we also need to think about moving the ducks and geese away from the house, we also need to stop the goats getting out of there field.

Paul's work mate and motivator, our son Michael arrived and they set about putting in the new fence posts, then dismantled the old chicken sheds and re-erected them in a new layout. I got on with cutting the grass.

Paul and Mike work well together and achieved a lot, unfortunately Dan wasn't available as he had Veroniques family round, but Paul and Mike managed to get all the posts in and the fence up, they also managed to get one of the chicken houses back in use. This one wasn't completely dismantled as it had broody hens in it. They weren't to fussed about the move.
More of the same today, we put some more fencing around the goats field, and put another two houses together, the doors are temporary as we was losing light very quickly, but Paul will finish them tomorrow. Hopefully.

We did stop a few times for refreshments, I baked a ham so we had lovely ham sandwiches, then a little later, cheese and smoked sausage with home made bread. Our dinner this evening was roast Venison.

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