Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Somewhere warm to sleep

Missing cat
Reward for finding her.

Lottie went missing again, we found her in the same place as last time, a few months ago we had a small leak from the boiler behind a plaster board wall, the boiler was dripping through the ceiling, normally this goes out side through a pipe in the wall but the pipe had frozen, Paul was at work and I wasn't aware the pipe had frozen, so I attacked the wall with a hammer, I'm not sure what I thought I was going to do when I got in but I thought there maybe a way of fitting a hose to the boiler. It was only after I made the hole I thought, I wonder, went outside a could see the ice, it took about 10 minutes of hot towels to defrost the pipe. When Paul came home from work tired a looking forward to a relaxing evening, I gently broke the news to him. He's blocked it up with a board and put a wall unit in front of it, Lottie must be eating Spinach, she managed to move the board and get to the boiler, no amount of calling or tins of tuna would entice her out, I managed to get a grip of her and pulled her out kicking and screaming. I'm not sure what she was doing there, but I had been complaining to Paul about the drop in water pressure in the kitchen, now the water pressures back up.

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