Sunday, 8 March 2009

So much to do.

And done nothing, that sums up yesterday. a pleasant warm(ish) day, I was supposed to clean out the animals and Paul some more digging. In the car I had the key to Jillys Gite so before we started work we decided to drop the key off, put it in the letter box, on arrival we found Jilly hard at work gardening, we were obviously the excuse she needed to stop. Rob was staying in one of the Gite's, Rob is an English chap who has owns a plot of land near us and bought our mobile home to live in while he has a house built, at present he goes back and forth to the UK regularly so brings over lifes essentials such as English T bags for me. As I said we had lots to do but by the time we got home it was lunch time, after finishing that, Rob arrived so we had a couple of bottles (as you do) and that was the end of our plans for the day.
I did take a couple of photographs today, standing in the door way.

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Jilly said...

Yes but what fun sitting there drinking and thinking 'blow the gardening' where's the other bottle??

Got my work cut out tomorrow - horse poo time - come round and help if you want LOL