Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Fetch the fire brigade.

Paul had lit the wood burner and was having a little doze, I had left a couple of tea lights on the top of the fire and they got very hot and you could smell them, so decided to move them, shame to disturb Paul, I can manage. Using the fire tongs I gently picked one up spilling the wax on the fire, WHOOPH, it went up in flames, Did I panic? You bet I did, Paul, Paul help, I rushed and grabbed the fire extinguisher, you know I've never used one before, why? Because I don't know how to. Paul by now was awake, and watching me with interest, I thrust the extinguisher into his hand, pointing at the metre high flames on top of the fire, he looked at the extinguisher, looked at me, shook his head and strolled into the kitchen, returning with a wet towel, dropped it on top of the fire, it went out. Paul returned to his seat, his attempt at going back to sleep was soon interrupted by the smoke alarm going off. Before I picked up the candle I opened the front door so I had somewhere to go with it, the dogs had soon an out of the house and I called them back in, Cassie was missing, now Cassie is mother to all our animals, she still grooms the cats, checks that the baby chicks are all safe and on one occasion came and told us about a baby bird that had fallen out the tree, a sort of miniature lassie. Cassie seeing the flames and my panic, had raced out the house, shot up to Didiers house, and barked at the door, getting no answer she went to Olaf's and barked at him, then led him to ours, by now the fire was out. Really she should have been quicker, don't you think?

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david santos said...

Really great work! Brillian posting!!!! I love dogs.
Happy Day!!!