Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Beware of the Goose

James has now realised who's nicking the eggs. James our Drake is no longer my friend, a few months ago the geese were laying there eggs at the bottom of the garden, now there laying them in the goose run, so when I let the geese out in the morning James is attacking me, I have to go armed to open the gate, I have a plastic bin lid and a witches type broom, he's sitting waiting by the gate now, he knows I need a free hand to open up the gate, I lean the broom against the shed and open the gate and put the dustbin lid between me and James, then I make a grab for the broom, I don't hit him but I use it to hold him away, he sticks his neck out and his tongue is out hissing like a snake, then I take him by the neck and start talking to him, he then calms down drops his head and toddles off, talking to himself, I then nick the eggs.

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