Friday, 4 June 2010

Domestic goddess

Its been a long time since I've knitted and I've never done embroidery before, One of my friends from up the road invited me to join the club she was running, I spend a lot of time at home doing the important stuff like creating great cuisine for my husband and doing the housework that I never get out and about, although I speak a little French and understand a lot more I'm never going to improve until I mix with the locals and natter, some people have commented that they thought I was brave to even join but I don't think so, I do to tend to jump in at the deep end with these sort of things, but really I wanted an interest outside the home even if it is home related. Paul just says I enjoy nattering and drinking so there's nothing new.

The group
With Jilly, bottom left.

Jilly enjoying a well earned drink

This cute little lad picked me some flowers

My work so far.

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Keith Eckstein said...

Known locally as the Sixt sur Aff Womens Drinking and Gossiping club!