Wednesday, 16 June 2010


About 4 am this morning there was a terrible commotion in one of the chicken pens, I jumped out of bed quickly sending the dogs out fearing a fox was enjoying a free breakfast. I raced to find my wellies and a torch, two of the dogs came back though looking very confused. but Lucy stayed outside the Bantam chicken house barking, I quickly raced to turn of the electric fence and went to investigate, The baby chickens had come out through a small gap in the door and the mothers were going frantic, I opened the door and there was a hedgehog, now I know hedgehogs will eat eggs but I don't know that they eat baby chicks, but there was a dead baby in the house with a bite taken out of the back of its neck.I put Lucy in the house went back down and the hedgehog was still there so I shooed him on, hopefully he wont return tonight.

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