Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Useful, French vehicle accident form in English

This is worth downloading from HERE don't take my copy, the proper form is 3 pages, download in PDF format from the link.

Try to get the other driver to put a cross in the ‘who’s to blame’ column and avoid doing so yourself, if at all possible,
If it is at all possible get a witness who was either standing at the roadside, driving behind you or coming towards you. They must be willing to testify and he/she must be acceptable by both parties. The name of the witness MUST be entered in section 5 of the ‘Constat’ otherwise they will not be recognised later.

Why is it important to carry and fill out this form in the case of an accident, read a true account HERE
How to fill the form out.

If you have an accident, the first thing you need to do is fill out – in English if your French is not up to it - the accident report form. You need to give your insurance details and details of the accident – this does not apportion blame, just give the facts. The constat amiable d'accident must then be signed by both yourself and the other party involved. Both parties send their copy back to their respective insurer to establish responsibility. If you do not understand what has been written by the other party do not sign the form as anything signed is taken as evidence.