Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nasty birds

Poultry are evil, especially to there own kind if there in trouble, My number 1 goose managed to get his head stuck in a fence, he was promptly attacked by all the other geese, I risked a serious pecking rescuing him. Norman, number 1 coq made a serious mistake, one that he should have learned from the last time, I was out hanging some clothes on the line, Norman and one of his Harem used the opportunity to get at the dogs food bowls, Norman was attacked by the dogs, Harveys and Cassie dragging him around by his neck while Lucy Looloo's did her usual jumping around barking and pretending to be brave, I managed to get Norman free, not a mark on him but an injured leg, he went outside and after a few minutes seemed to recover, then got to close to the geese and started to eat his grain, 2 geese attacked him, as soon as I managed to rescue him from them he was attacked by the bantam coq, he's feeling very sorry for himself now, limping, possibly injured wings and his tail feathers are down, I've put him in a run where he should be safe, I will see how he gets on, hess still limping around and is eating, so there may be hope. If he doesn't recover, I will still find a use for him.

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