Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Blue Noon

The last book on my list of recommended reads was " Under the Wire" by William Ash, for those that have bought this book you may remember that one of the reasons William Ash was captured was because the resistance who were helping William Ash were betrayed by Harry Cole, there's lots of interesting information about Cole on the internet and in books, the book I'm recommending is a work of fiction but Harry Cole is the main character, the author admits that there are lots of inaccuracies in the book, meetings with individuals that couldn't have happened or events that in the book involved Harry Cole but didn't in real life, but most of it is true, its a good read and may prompt you to find out more about him.

A search on Amazon shows 27 new copies of this book for £0.26 and 331 used copies from £0.01
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- English man in Moscow - said...

My wife is French and I am living in Moscow. I have read that book Merde Brilliant. I am a stay at home dad. I hate MOSCOW !!