Saturday, 5 February 2011


I've bought some seeds and today will start to sort through any seeds I've got left over from last year, still to early to start planting as I don't have a green house. I've got the old door I changed last year though so I might make a cloche.
When I first started gardening I tried to "farm" about a 1000sqm, I took on to much, so much that the next year I decided it was too much like hard work and restricted my self to just growing herbs, this year I'm going to try a more sensible approach to gardening, first job is to reduce the amount of chickens I have, especially the bantam chickens who can fly over any obstacle I put in there way. Then I'm going to mark out some small manageable areas for some (slightly) raised beds, Paul's going to see the farmer (Pascal) today to ask for a couple of old large tractor tyres, however once Paul has walked the 20 meters from our house to Pascals he's unlikely to be back for at least an hour and will have drunk far to much for him to start getting the vegetable beds ready.
So the plan, get the tyres, I will grow root veg, carrots and parsnips, maybe some potatoes, I do like small new potatoes, but after that they are cheap enough in the shops.
I will start some veg off in the house, I want to grow Aubergines and peppers, so will start them in pots, maybe some chillies as well.
Courgettes always grow well, looking forward to seeing the plants in the shop.
I'm going to grow my radishes and onions in pots, that way I can start them off at intervals.

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I am so looking forward to getting back to France to get my garden underway. We have bought a greenhouse, but I have to wait until the final furniture is moved to France and the greenhouse will go with it. It means I will not have the use of it this year but I hope it will be ready for next year. They are so expensive in France which is why we have bought in the UK. Diane