Sunday, 6 February 2011

Château de Coetbo

Part of my research concerning "The Next Moon", I was looking for the Château where Andre Hue worked, I'm not sure yet if this is it, I've not checked, but I was driving to Guer and passed this Château so I took these snaps.

Château Coëtbo was built in 1647, consisting of two symmetrical pavilions separated by a main building with a large central staircase.
There was however a Castle on this site in the 9th century, this was destroyed in 1593

While I was searching for some information on the Château I found this text "En 1794, Coëtbo sert de quartier général au comte Puisaye après l'écrasement des Vendéens à Savenay. (In 1794, Coëtbo serves as headquarters for the count after the crash of Puisaye Vendeans Savena)."

Now I have no idea who or what "Puisaye Vendeans Savenay" was, but I've found this Ebook that might explain more.

Chouannerie and counter-revolution: Puisaye, the princes and the British Government in the 1790's, by Maurice Hunt

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Up The Garden Path said...

The Next Moon is the most incredible book. So beautifully written. My father worked for MI6 during the war and worked with Double Agents - not the same area (he was part of the Normandy/Pas de Calais deceipt) - he never talked about it really so The Next Moon was very illuminating.

In answer to your question Up The Garden Path will be back - we are still here and thanks for the nudge!