Sunday, 20 February 2011

Coming next week

When we travel oft driven routes Paul will say to me, "left or right"? I will answer one way or the other and Paul will make a turning, we've ended up in farm yards, on one occasion someone's drive but often after making the turn, by intuition, something spotted in the distance, sign posts or just good luck we will fine something of interest, Château's Manoir's, lakes, rivers or some historical site. Today I said left and in Pipriac coming from the direction of Messac we turned at the crossroads by the PMU. Following the road down hill we went along this road and found a whole row of these strange little houses, unfortunately lack of time and battery life meant I only got one snap.

This picture doesn't really show the scale of this house, so next week I will be sure to show houses with objects, such as cars in so it will have you a better idea.

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