Saturday, 19 February 2011

Internet Tycoon

Well its not me, just checked my earnings from the Internet, 40 English pence!!! Actually I'm quite proud of this, I dont keep a blog to earn money, although it would be nice. The fact that people followed my recommendations in book choices is pleasing. I love history, in particular modern history, those who read my blog will know of my interest in the events in St Marcell during WWII, why it fascinates me so much is that I can walk round these areas and see people who would have experienced these events first hand. When I first "monetized" my blog I put lots of attractive widgets around my site, selling books that I have read, Peter Mayle, Steven Clarke and George East, all who write about living in France, but no one was buying, all these ads did was make the blog load slower, so now I just have the one widget in the right hand tool bar where I show the books that I think anyone could find interesting, at present there is only two, I've another couple to add. I do so want to get my earnings to 50pence though, I remember an advert on TV, the child goes "50p!!! What can you get for 50p".

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Nope not me either, just checked my account as well :( I have to say adverts annoy me on blogs, especially ones that pop up and get in the way. Also as you say they slow everything up considerably. Diane