Thursday, 17 February 2011

A Warm Sunny Day

Its been a lovely day today, a false spring I call it, invented by the shops to encourage you to buy plants then have to buy more when the next bout of frost gets them.
Paul's boss phoned him yesterday and asked if he wanted today off, as Paul is going out for lunch with work colleagues tomorrow and will probably end up finishing in the evening, we wont be able to do our Friday afternoon shopping, Paul hates shopping on a Saturday, he says he doesn't have two days off a week to spend them walking round the shops, so at least we were able to do the shop today.

Its been a warm day, so after shopping we were able to relax in the garden.

We don't usually drink during the week, but as this counted as a mid weekend we decided a bottle of wine was OK.

Our geese are laying eggs, we think its only the one female doing it, what she does is lays one egg a day till she has a clutch of eggs then sits. Our male goose can be a problem as he guards her and the nest.


Diane said...

I keep my plants covered up at night until mid-may no matter how warm it is during the day!!! I never trust when that final frost is going to suprise me. Cheers, Diane

Blu said...

I totally agree about shopping at weekends, it seems like such a waste of valuable time. Even if I shop weekdays I prefer to go lunchtimes when everyone is eating!